Our Story

About Me:

I am Manda, a creative woman entrepreneur who is also raising sweet babies in Chicagoland. In my small urban home, I am all about seeking peace, mindfulness and simple living. I am always on the lookout for home good products that are both kind and beautiful. However, I’ve learned this combination can be hard to come by.

This is why I’ve set out to create my own products that would be designed to be naturally good. I design ethical and high-quality home goods that help you reduce waste, save money, simplify life and inspire peace. At Good Natured Home, people matter to us, the planet matters to us, and we want to spread kindness and peace however we can.

Like a visual nature retreat, our products are inspired by the calm colors and luxurious textures found in mossy woodlands and breezy meadows. Our home goods are intentionally designed with visual peace and tidiness to help the brain rest and recover with quiet beauty.

A portion of all Good Natured profits goes to help women, mothers, and children in the developing world. Together, our efforts help rescue women from dangerous situations and ensure young mothers have enough food and medical care for themselves and their babies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,